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Thanks for taking a look around our shop! Appreciate you. We're a small enterprise swimming in a mighty big pond of Walmart, Chewy and Amazon stores. Not an easy task to compete but we work hard to offer you unique, high-quality products with top-notch customer service and are truly passionate about our business. We recognize you have a choice to shop elsewhere but we're hopin' you give us a chance. We're a lover of all pups over here but a Doodle has stolen our heart! If you're reading this there is a pretty good chance you are a Doodle owner, lover or hoping to be a pawrent of one of these lovable, sweet and silly Doods yourself!

Our CEO is a gentle soul who also happens to be a 65 pound ball of fluff and love! Enter, Bella Grace, our 6 year old Golden Doodle who is our creative inspiration for DoodleGoods. We laugh daily with her antics which inspires our creative flow and the unique gifts we offer in our shop.

We hope you enjoy our boutique of quality gifts for you and your Dood and please reachout to us with any ideas you might like to see us offer or to share a photo of your Dood with our gear - we truly love to hear from our fellow Doodle lovers!

Cheers to all! Bella Grace, Dood in Charge & the entire DoodleGoods Team

Our CEO - Bella Grace - she runs the show!

As a Wee One

Hammin' it up on Halloween

Travelin' with her Stuffy

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